MarksOff has two main purposes: 

·        Maintaining and enhancing the value of your property by restoring and keeping all treated surfaces, “New”.

·        Ensuring the highest level of hygiene in bathrooms, food preparation area’s and communal facilities, etc.

The newly introduced NanoSeal offers unheard-of Hygiene and ease-of-cleaning, for years after the application.The water, both from Municipalities and from Boreholes, in most areas of SouthAfrica, is loaded with dissolved Lime. 

  • We have developed the MarksOff-NanoSeal system that ensures that any deposited Lime and other contaminants are so totally removed, by a mechanical process, that the original, virgin surface is re-created. 

  • An unseen, but very important benefit of using these Nano products is an immediate improvement in the Hygiene of the surfaces. Water plants and fish should not be affected in any way since an immediate reduction, or even elimination, in the use of Chlorine may be expected.

MarksOff has obvious application in every home, office block, and factory for recreating a “New” and “Cared-For” appearance. It also removes watermarks (Lime) from motorcar glass, shop fronts, swimming pools, water features, etc.

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