PERMANENTLY raise the CLEANLINESS & HYGIENE of your Bathroom / Washroom / Swimming Pool above that previously achievable by any other cleaning system.


Well, for a start - we don't clean for the sake of cleaning, i.e. “Looking good”, but for the necessary restoration of the glass and tile surfaces to the equivalent of NEW:- to receive the appropriate “NanoSealer”. Our “NanoSeal” has an expected life-span of 10 years, during which time the treated, glazed surfaces may be thoroughly cleaned by simply wiping with only a water-dampened Microfibre cloth. Especially in Bathrooms, contaminants will be largely dislodged and washed away by the following flush of cleaning water, whether this is applied by a wet cloth or by a flood of water (Toilet Pan).                We don’t try to kill the germs, we get rid of them! The ESSENTIAL DIFFERENCE between our “NanoSeal” treatment  and any other cleaning method, whether Physical, e.g. Scrubbing and Wiping, or Chemical, e.g. Soaps and Sterilising Chemicals, or even Blasting with Steam, is:  Those methods, however     well applied, leave the ORIGINAL surface that was contaminated,

       exposed to re-contamination.

Our Sealed Surface is and remains resistant to contamination by Germs & Minerals, to a degree that has previously been UNIMAGINABLE.