Glass Window Cleaning And Hygiene Services

What We Do

We have developed a very successful, mechanical system for removing Limescale from SwimmingPools and Water Features, then Nano-Sealing the cleaned surface (Tiles and Mosaics) sothat future lime is easy to wipe-off for many years. 


MarksOff has 8 years of practical experience, restoring Mineral-coated Glass and Tiles. 

You Benefit From:

MarksOff offers a great increase in the Hygiene of treated surfaces, for years after application this is of immeasurable value in Bathrooms where the Tiles should also be cleaned and sealed, Kitchens, Public Restrooms, Hospitals, School Toilets, etc.


HYGIENE is incredibly increased

  Due to the “Adhesion-resistant” surface developed by the Surface-sealer. Germs and minerals are unable to “fix” to the surface.

Restoring 'Water Marked' glass

 Restoration of  total clarity to the glass  and then treating the restored surface by Nano-Sealing it, so that it becomes unbelievably "Easy-to-clean", for many years. (At least 10)

All Glazed Sanitaryware and Glazed wall & floor Tiles can also be treated.  The treated surfaces do not change colour nor show any “surface film”, they remain completely natural.


Limescale coats all Bathroom-fittings, Irrigation-wetted glass, Water-feature and Swimming-pool surfaces, whether Glazed Tiles. Natural Stone should be NanoSealed before water is added for the first time.   

Only our mechanical process can restore these tiles and prevent re-contamination!